enetic umbrella and alpha company. Gene umbrella company and alpha company held a press conference the next day, announced gene Isaca Certification umbrella company and alpha company has been committed to the study of bionic people, has now made a good result.Currently, peerless beauty this Game software swept the world, genetic umbrella companies and alpha companies can beauty virtual characters to provide a perfect body This body with flesh and blood, looks and body and the appearance of the photo no different Virtual characters from no longer see.Touching things, she was around us, with us Voice down, the audience all shocked Please... I would like to CISM ask, as you said, if you want to create such a flesh and blood when the bionic people can be achieved Reporter asked. No more than 10 years The speaker is faint but full of confidence. Asked the reporter heard this, can not help but greatly surprised, the hands of the microphone actually fell to the ground. At this moment, the number of global viewing conference more than tens of millions of people, all were deeply shocked Soon, CISM it exam the conference is over, the reporter quickly rush back to write manuscripts, the news of this conference is amazing, and must be the fastest speed

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM