Violent J Net Worth

Violent J is a rapper, record producer, professional wrestler, screenwriter, songwriter, and actor.

Violent J

Violent J (real name “Joseph Bruce”) was one part of the JJ Boys, the other being Joseph Utsler, in 89′. In 1990, Bruce and Utsler changed their band name to Inner City Posse. Hence, the abbreviation ICP was born. The following year, Utsler and Bruce changed the band name to Insane Clown Posse based on dreams that Bruce had involving a clown.

Violent J is best known for being one half of the band Insane Clown Posse. He also etched his name into the wrestling scene after being involved in wrestling for over 18 years and counting, from competing to being a commentator.

Violent J is the co-founder of Psychopathic Records and JCW (Juggalo Championship Wrestling). Bruce continues to make appearance in professional wrestling, specifically in the independent circuit.

Violent J Net Worth: $16 Million Dollars

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