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A.J. Johnson Net Worth

A.J. Johnson Net Worth

A. J. Johnson is an american actress, choreographer, and fitness coach that has a net worth of $1 million. A. J. Johnson comes from Orange, New Jersey , and born in January 1963. From 1994 in order to 1995 she starred as Away. Lynn Stanton in the tv series Sirens. Johnson has starred within the movies School Daze, House Celebration, Clippers, Dying Young, Double Difficulty, Sister Act, Poetic Justice, The actual Inkwell, The Beast, High Freakquency, Irrational, Baby Boy, Touched by a good Angel, O, Tara, Black Detailed, Roscoe’s House of Chicken as well as Waffles, Repos, and Skin Heavy. Johnson hosted the VH1 actuality TV series From Flab to Fab and it has served as a wellness trainer for celebrities. She was Lindsay Lohan’s coach within the documentary TV series Lindsay. Johnson has additionally been a spokesperson for the actual American Cancer Society. In 1990 she won a Artist Award for A Mom’s Courage: The Mary Thomas Tale.

A.J. Johnson Net Worth Worth: $1 Million