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Al Molinaro Net Worth

Al Molinaro Net Worth

Al Molinaro was an American actor with a net worth of $10 million. Al Molinaro was born in 1919, and passed away in 2015. He was from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He started off by owning a collection agency, until he sold it for a hefty amount, which he then invested into real estate. Then when he managed to sell his real estate assets, he made a large sum of money where he invested it into becoming an actor. He then landed small roles in various sitcomes. like Bewitched, Green Acres, That Girl and Get Smart. His big break as an actor actually happened with Penny Marshall. He took an improv class and Penny then recommended Al to play on the series The Odd Couple. Al replaced Pat Morita on the show Happy Days which made him world known.

Al Molinaro Net Worth: $10 Million