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Al Pacino Net Worth

Al Pacino Net Worth

Al Pacino is an actor, writer, film/video director and producer, and performer.

Al Pacino’s (full name “Alfredo James Pacino”) fame traces back to stage acting. Pacino’s most notable stage work may be that of The Indian Wants the Bronx, by playwright and director Israel Horovitz. Pacino’s performance garnered him an Obie Award. An appearance on TV show N.Y.P.D., Broadway gigs, and more stage gigs followed.

Al Pacino is best known for his role in the classic well-known crime/drama film, Scarface, as cuban drug lord Tony Montana.

Al Pacino continues to act and work on stage. Pacino is set to co-star in upcoming drama/thriller, Beyond Deceit.

Al Pacino Net Worth: $136 Million Dollars