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Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget Net Worth

Bob Saget is an actor, performer, screenwriter, film producer/director, author, and humanitarian.

Despite Bob Saget (real and full name “Robert Lane Saget”) having film and TV credits beforehand, he became prominent in 87′ with TV comedy sitcom “Full House.” Saget remained on the show from it’s beginning to end (1995).

Bob Saget may be best known for his role as Danny Tanner in TV comedy sitcom “Full House.” Saget’s also widely recognized as the former show host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Bob Saget has a book out, titled “Dirty Daddy.” It was released sometime in 2014. It’s confirmed that Saget, along with many fellow Full House co-stars, will be in upcoming TV comedy sitcom follow-up, “Fuller House.”

Bob Saget Net Worth: $101 Million Dollars