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Brad Paisley Net Worth

Brad Paisley Net Worth

Brad Paisley is a country singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, writer, and video producer/director.

Paisley’s journey to musical fame was very short. It was while attending junior high school that he became well-known through performing a song titled “Born on Christmas Day,” which led to an offer to be a guest on the radio show Jamboree USA. As soon as Paisley performed, he was offered a weekly lineup position on the show. Paisley accepted. During his time with Jamboree USA, Paisley was inducted in the Jamboree USA Hall of Fame. He became the youngest to ever be inducted.

Brad Paisley’s (full name Brad Douglas Paisley) best known for singing and playing country music. He has 11 studio albums thus far, and the addition of a Christmas compilation album. Paisley has 32 singles which made it to the Top Ten U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Eighteen (18) out of those 32 singles reached no. 1. Paisley is the record holder for the most consecutive number of singles landing a top 10 spot on the chart.

Paisley continues to produce music and perform. He released an album last year titled “Moonshine in the Trunk.” Paisley is also scheduled to go on tour this year, beginning May 15. Name of the tour’s “Crushin’ It World Tour.” Brad Paisley’s also an occasional actor.

Brad Paisley Net Worth: $66 Million Dollars