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Bruce Willis Net Worth

Bruce Willis Net Worth

Bruce Willis is an actor, performer, writer, TV/film producer, musician, and businessman.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis (born as “Walter Bruce Willis”) gained a considerable amount of fame in stage productions, courtesy of Fool for Love and Bullpen. But, it wasn’t until when Willis made the move to CA and landed a starring role for mid-late 80’s comedy series, “Moonlighting,” that helped him climb the mountain of fame, fortune, and success. His role in this TV series led to a multi-million dollar contract as a pitchman for wine cooler products and further TV roles, as well as film.

Bruce Willis can be memorable in many of the films he’s done. But, he may be best known as John McClane in the Die Hard films.

Willis continues to act and partake in action films. He is involved in three upcoming action/thriller movie projects: Extraction, Wake, and Captive. Willis will also be in a star-studded cast for an upcoming comedy, Rock the Kasbah. Besides acting, Willis is owner of a vast number of small businesses, two of them being The Mint Bar and a theater.

Bruce Willis Net Worth: $181 Million Dollars