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Buck Henry Net Worth

Buck Henry Net Worth

Buck Henry is definitely an American actor, writer, and director with a net worth of $3 million. Buck Henry was born in Nyc, New York in December 1930. He took part within an elaborate hoax by comedian Alan Abel and pretended to become the president of the Culture for Indecency to Naked Creatures named G. Clifford Prout through 1959 to 1962. As an actor Henry starred within the television series The New Dorrie Allen Show in 1961 and also the New Show in 1984. He also starred within the movies The Troublemaker, The Move on, Catch-22, The Man Who Dropped to Earth, Heaven Can Wait around, Gloria, Rude Awakening, The Linguini Event, The Player, Short Cuts, Irritated Old Men, Town and Nation, Serendipity, and The Last Chance. Henry has also written for that films The Troublemaker, The Move on, Candy, Catch-22, The Owl and also the Pussycat, What’s Up, Doc?, Your day of the Dolphin, Heaven May Wait, First Family, Protocol, In order to Die For, Town and Nation, and The Humbling. He won a Golden Planet Award for Short Cuts in 1994 along with a Primetime Emmy Award in 1967 with regard to Get Smart. Henry has been nominated with regard to Academy Awards for Best Writing for that Graduate in 1968 and Greatest Director for Heaven Can Wait around in 1979.

Buck Henry Net Worth: $3 Million