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Dave Lamb Net Worth

Dave Lamb Net Worth

Dave Lamb is an English actor, comedian, and presenter with a net worth of $4 million. Dave Lamb was born in 1969 and comes from London, England. He played in the series, Come dine with me and was the presenter in the CBBC game show Horrible Histories: Gory Games. He appeared in the TV Show Barking. He did voice work for the TV Series 2DTV. He was also Carl Morris in the Series Moving Wallpaper. He provided the voice work for the TV series Technobable and Danger Mouse. Lamb has also had recurring roles in the TV series How Do You Want Me?, Dark Ages, Rhona, The Armstrong and Miller Show, EastEnders, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, and Goodness Gracious Me. Lamb is a shareholder in the soccer club Lewes FC in Brighton.

Dave Lamb Net Worth: $4 million.