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Dustin Diamond Net worth

Dustin Diamond Net worth

Dustin Neil Diamond is an American actor, musician, director, and stand-up comedian best known for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers on the television shows Saved by the Bell, Good Morning, Miss Bliss.  Born on  January 7, 1977, from San Jose, California with a net worth of $50 thousand dollars.

Dustin  played “Screech”  on the hit NBC show which aired on from its inception as “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” (1988–89) through its final incarnation, Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1994–2000).

When the show ended,  Diamond made the headlines because he was being featured in a sex tape, which he directed and released on his own, titled “Screeched – Saved by the Smell.

In December of 2014, Diamond was arrested after  he allegedly stabbed someone with a switchblade in an altercation involving his fiancée.