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Dustin Hoffman Net Worth

Dustin Hoffman Net Worth

Dustin Hoffman is an actor, performer, TV/film producer, and film director.

Dustin Hoffman (full name “Dustin Lee Hoffman”) first became famous through his work in theater in 1964, in the play Eh?. It’s written by Henry Livings and was performed in London. A vast number of film and TV roles shortly followed.

Dustin Hoffman has an extensive list of film credits. He may be best known for his male/female role in Tootsie and Rain Man.

Hoffman is currently rumored to lend his voice once more to upcoming Kung Fu Panda sequel, Kung Fu Panda 3. Dustin Hoffman’s been married to Lisa Hoffman (born with last name “Gottsegen”), who’s a businesswoman. They’ve been married since 1980.

Dustin Hoffman Net Worth: $51 Million Dollars