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Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Hugh Hefner is an adult magazine publisher, businessman, and philanthropist.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner started off as a copywriter for Esquire magazine, which is still running today. Soon after leaving on his own accord, he quickly raised money to launch what’s still known referred to today as, Playboy. Certain articles that were created and published by Hefner, such as “The Crooked Man,” quickly caused a stir. Prior to that, Hefner released a photo of icon Marilyn Monroe in Playboy’s first issue, which sold well.

Hugh Hefner is best known as founder of Playboy Enterprises Inc.

Hefner is a supporter of same-sex marriage, as well as having it legalized. Hugh Hefner is married to Crystal Harris (now Crystal Hefner), a Playboy Playmate, who assists Hugh with running Playboy Enterprises.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth: $44 Million Dollars