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Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine is a record producer, TV/film producer, occasional actor, and businessman.

Jimmy Iovine

James (Jimmy) Iovine first became prominent through his work on the album Easter (1978), an album of Patti Smith’s, a veteran and notable singer/songwriter.

Jimmy Iovine is best known for being co-founder of notorious headphone brand, Beats By Dre.

Although he sold Beats By Dre to Apple at the end of May of 2014, Iovine was offered a position within the company, which he accepted. Iovine continues to work in TV/film production. He’s currently working on a music drama, Nina, which will star actress Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy).

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth: $971 Million Dollars