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Kate Upton Net Worth

Kate Upton Net Worth

Kate Upton is a model, media personality, and actress.

Kate Upton started her career off with modeling for a retailer called Garage. She eventually found herself working her way up by modeling for the well-known veteran fashion line, Dooney & Bourke, and Guess. For 2010 and 2011, Upton became the face of Guess.

Guess served as a significant stepping stone for Kate. 2011 was the same year when she appeared in Sports Illustrated (Swimsuit Edition) and was quickly named “Rookie of the Year.” It was downhill from there; Beach Bunny, Complex, Esquire (where she was named “The Woman of the Summer”)…..What skyrocketed Upton’s fame were videos of her performing popular dances, two of which are “The Dougie” and “Cat Daddy.”

Kate Upton continues to model, and is a current actress now. Her movie debut was Tower Heist (2011). She can be seen in late comedy The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

Kate Upton Net Worth: $21 Million Dollars