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Kristen Stewart Net Worth

Kristen Stewart Net Worth

Kristen Stewart is an actress, performer, and director.

Kristen Stewart (full name “Kristen Jaymes Stewart”) began acting at a young age. She landed a role in drama/thriller Panic Room and Cold Creek Manor, both of which garnered her Young Artist Award nominations and, in turn, a reputation in the acting world. Stewart would go on to lead in Catch That Kid, land a role in Zathura: A Space Adventure, and star in The Messengers.

Kristen Stewart is best known for portraying character Bella Swan in Twilight. Stewart reprised her role in all of the other Twilight films that followed.

Stewart continues to work as an actress. She can be seen in upcoming drama, Anesthesia, directed by Tim Blake Nelson. Veteran and renowned actress, Glenn Close, will be starring alongside her, as well as Tim Blake Nelson. Stewart will be starring in an upcoming drama/sci-fi film, Equals, and an action/comedy film titled American Ultra.

Kristen Stewart Net Worth: $71 Million Dollars