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Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris is a DJ, rapper, actor, video/TV producer, and businessman.

Ludacris (real and full name “Christopher Brian “Chris” Bridges”) became fairly well-known while DJing for Atlanta’s radio station Hot 97.5, which is now known as Hot 107.9. Ludacris’s fame shot up even further via his collaboration with fellow rapper and music artist Timbaland, called “Phat Rabbit.” It became a global hit.

Ludacris may be best known for his single “What’s Your Fantasy.”

Ludacris continues to produce music and act. It’s confirmed that Ludacris has a new album coming out on March 31, 2015, titled Ludaversal. Additionally, Ludacris is reprising his role as Tej in upcoming Fast and Furious sequel, Furious 7.

Ludacris Net Worth: $26 Million Dollars