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Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson is an actor, performer, screenwriter/playwright, and film/video producer.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson (full name “Owen Cunningham Wilson”) got busy in the film industry. He started out as both a screenwriter and actor. Wilson held roles that were considered minor. He can be seen in comedy The Cable Guy, adventure/horror Anaconda, sci-fi adventure Armageddon, and horror The Haunting. It wasn’t until comedy western Shanghai Noon that made Wilson rise to fame and work even more consistently as an actor.

Wilson is best known for working frequently with fellow actors Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, and being a member of the “Frat Pack.”

Owen Wilson continues to work as an actor. He will be starring in an upcoming action comedy, Masterminds. He will also take a little break from comedy through upcoming thriller, No Escape. Wilson’s a fan of Dallas teams across the board; hockey, football, and basketball.

Owen Wilson Net Worth: $41 Million Dollars