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P. Diddy Net Worth

P. Diddy Net Worth

P. Diddy is a rapper, record producer, actor, businessman, humanitarian, TV/film producer, writer, and video/film director.

P. Diddy (real and full name “Sean John Combs”) became famous for finding record label Bad Boy Records in 93′.

P. Diddy may be best known through his early work, especially singles “I’ll Be Missing You” and “It’s All About the Benjamins.”

P. Diddy intends to release another album. His upcoming album is currently titled “MMM.” Sean Combs can be seen in sports drama, Draft Day, alongside Kevin Costner and Jennifer Gardner. Combs can also be seen in season 1, episode 24 of new TV comedy series, “Black-ish.” P. Diddy owns a house in Alpine, NJ.

P. Diddy Net Worth: $701 Million Dollars