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Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul is a singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, TV producer, TV personality, and correspondent.

The root of the fame and success of Paula Abdul (full name Paula Julie Abdul) begins with dancing. She was chosen to be one of the Laker Girls, the cheerleading squad for the NBA basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. In a year’s time, “head choreographer” was bestowed upon her. Paula began dancing substantially before age 15. Her position within the Laker Girls led to working with The Jacksons and being involved in film classics such as Big and Coming to America.

Paula Abdul is best known for being a long-time judge on TV competition show, “American Idol.”

Abdul still judges on TV shows, but only as a guest. She’s currently in the filming stage of an upcoming documentary titled “Move.”

Paula Abdul Net Worth: $31 Million Dollars