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Peter Weir Net Worth

Peter Weir Net Worth

Peter Weir is an Australian film director and writer with a net worth of $15 million. Peter Weir is from Sydney Australia. He has been an influencial person within the New Wave Cinema in Australia. He is the director and has also written for the films on a Green Bike in 1969, Homesdale in 1971, The Cars That Ate Paris in 1974, Picnic at Hanging Rock in 1975, The Last Wave in 1977, The Plumber in 1979, Gallipoli in 1981, The Year of Living Dangerously in 1982, Witness in 1985, The Mosquito Coast in 1986, Dead Poets Society in 1989, Green Card in 1990, Fearless in 1993, The Truman Show in 1998, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World in 2003, and The Way Back in 2010. He has been nominated for six Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. He won BAFTA Awards for Best Direction for The Truman Show and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Peter Weir Net Worth: $15 Million