Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine is a record producer, TV/film producer, occasional actor, and businessman. James (Jimmy) Iovine first became prominent through his work on the album Easter (1978), an album of Patti Smith’s, a veteran and notable singer/songwriter. Jimmy Iovine is best known for being co-founder of notorious headphone brand, Beats By Dre. Although he sold Beats By […]

P. Diddy Net Worth

P. Diddy is a rapper, record producer, actor, businessman, humanitarian, TV/film producer, writer, and video/film director. P. Diddy (real and full name “Sean John Combs”) became famous for finding record label Bad Boy Records in 93′. P. Diddy may be best known through his early work, especially singles “I’ll Be Missing You” and “It’s All About […]