Chris martin Net Worth

Chris Martin is a singer, pianist, guitarist and activist. He begun his music career by creating a musical band with his friend Buckland as soon as he was enrolled in college. Martin through the band became popular through the release of their first album, Parachutes which became number 1 on the UK charts and entered the […]

Chris Martin Net Worth

Chris Martin is a singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and film producer. Chris Martin (born as “Christopher Anthony John Martin”) rose to fame and garnered success through his band’s (Coldplay) very first album, titled “Parachutes.” It was released in 2000. Chris Martin is best known as the lead vocalist and co-founder of rock band, Coldplay. Martin continues to […]

Celine Dion Net Worth

Celine Dion is a songwriter, singer, actress and entrepreneur. Her official names are Celine Marie Claudette Dion. Her first venture into the music world was through her first album Unison, which established herself as potential pop artist. Her first global; recognition however came early in 1982 in the form of the Yamaha World Popular Song […]

Celine Dion Net Worth

Celine Dion is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress (occasionally). Celine Dion first gained recognition internationally, in the 1980’s, by winning the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in 1982 and the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. Dion represented Switzerland. With assistance provided by Angélil, Dion achieved worldwide fame through the signing with Epic Records during the 1990’s. She released several […]

Britney Spears Net Worth

Britney Spears is a singer, songwriter, actress, writer, TV/film producer, philanthropist, and businesswoman. Britney Spears (full name “Britney Jean Spears”) garnered considerable fame during her early and late childhood years through winning various state competitions in gymnastics and singing, as well as talent shows. Spears competed in “Star Search” in 92′, the same year she was cast […]

Bob Dylan Net Worth

Bob Dylan is a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, film director, illustrator, and painter. Robert Zimmerman (eventually renamed to ‘Bob Dylan”) began to become famous once he made that trip to London, UK from December 62′ to January 63′ to partake in a play, where he performed “Blowin’ in the Wind” live, for the first time. Afterwards, Dylan […]

Alicia Keys Net Worth

Alicia Keys is a singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, film producer/director, philanthropist, and author. Alicia Keys (real and full name “Alicia Augello Cook”) became famous through her debut album, Songs in A Minor, which was released in 2001. The album earned her the status of best-selling new artist of the year. In turn, Keys became famous instantly. […]